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Excellent all around! The batter in this is quite nice, with a thin crispness that stuck to the shrimp all the way. The coating had a hint of tropical nuttiness which for some reason reminded me of a hint of coconut. The salsa was really good, and complemented the shrimp beautifully. I did use whole wheat grahams, as many commercial varieties really are not. I am going to try this with home made grahams next time when I am less busy. Hard to imagine anything being able to elevate this recipe further, but I think it would. Good luck in the contest, and kudos on your very creative idea! ~Sue

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Sue Lau August 24, 2008

A great use of contest ingredients- very creative! I especially loved the salsa. I used mango instead of the watermelon and added all 3 herbs along with some extra ginger. The graham cracker flavor really came through on the shrimp and you really couldn't taste the peanut butter, (which is good because I have to sneak PB past dbf) but I think it helped to make the "crust" on the shrimp. Great job Chef!

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cookiedog August 23, 2008
Fusion Shrimp