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So glad I made this, it was top-notch! DD1, who had claimed not to be hungry, was surprised sneaking the last of it as she did kitchen duty :lol: I used bacon, and because someone stopped by unexpectedly, I cooked it to be more crispy than I normally would, this gave it the most delicious salty flavour though, which I must remember! I used a can of peeled and chopped tomatoes, (410gr, maybe a bit more than required but it seemed to be fine), all the cream which I thought would lots, but actually was just right. I WANTED to add garlic .. how can I cook Italian without garlic!!!! .. but I didn't..... ah, the pasta, I wanted to use up a couple of half packets, so I used some tomato flavoured penne, and some spiralli, and was happy with the result. this was a marvellous pasta dish which we very much enjoyed, a keeper! Thank you Evelyn!

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Karen Elizabeth January 28, 2009

We love our pasta dishes and this one was delicious! I made it as directed except that as the last day of Italy in ZWT4, I also added proscioutto, artichokes, asiago cheese, gouda cheese, evoo, shallots, fettuccine, penne (lisce variety specifically), linguine, red wine (Chianti), brie cheese, tortellini, sundried tomatoes, roasted bell peppers, pepperoni, pesto and ravioli!! Mmmmmm. How good was that!!!! And it only cost me $100/bowl!!!! LOL. Just kiddin'!! Actually, I did make it as directed except that I had 2 more slices of prosciutto that I had leftover that I did add to the mix. I used sliced mushrooms, rather than chopped. Very easy and we loved it! Thanks evelyn/athens. Made for ZWT4.

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lazyme July 01, 2008

Very good and easy! Perfect for a busy middle-of-the-week supper! I used a bit less of some of the ingredients depending on what I had on hand, and it turned out great! Thanks for sharing!

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ellie_ October 20, 2006
Fusilli Alla Carlo