Furniture polish

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1 min
1 min

This is from The Queen of Clean, out of her book called Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean. It works really well, especially on wood that is dry or needs some reconditioning!

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  1. place in a clean container and shake it up well before each use!
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Thank you for this recipe for a safe natural and effective cleaner. I used Pledge before and always worried about the kids ingesting some of the residue, now it really doesn't matter if they eat some of it or not. I used this on my very thirsty dinner table and it worked well

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This was effective and very cheap to make because I bought XYZ brand olive oil at the discount store. Thanks for posting.

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I've been using this for years and I really think it works better than anything store-bought! I mix mine 50/50 and sometimes I add an essential oil. I love the cleaning and disinfecting power of the vinegar combined with the conditioning effect of the olive oil. This is the best!!!!!