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6/1/07 UPDATED: Made these in cupcake form to take to a picnic. This time, I cheated and used a 9 X 13 size boxed brownie mix. For the cupcakes, I used 1 Tbls of brownie batter, 1 Tbls of cheese topping and 2 cherries with some sauce. This made 24 cupcakes with topping and 4 plain brownies. Baked for 22 mins. They were gobbled up! Thanks Bogey's mom for the idea! 4/5/07 - Yummy! It's like a brownie crust cherry cheese cake. Very decadent, rich and tasty. What's not to love --oh yeah the 10 lb. weight gain associated with eating the whole pan! I loved Bogey's Mom idea of baking them in ind. cupcakes but I was too lazy. Will def try that next time. Thanks for posting!

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Tamaretta June 01, 2007

These tasted really great but I had a problem with the brownie cooking fully in the center. The edges of the pan cooked up nicely but I had some runny brownie dough under my cream cheese topping in parts. Next time I might cook the brownies for a bit in the pan, then take out of the oven and add the topping and cook some more to get a more even result. That said, all gobbled up by the folks at work (and I said they were extra "fudgy" to explain the runny texture). Tx!

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Kristine at Food.com October 05, 2011

I made these on 1/22/10 for the " Comfort Cafe Winter Edition 2010 ". I cheated by using a boxed mix for a 9 x 13 inch pan. ( *Parsley*, remember you told me I could ;) ) I followed the part for the cherries and topping to the letter. The bake time was right on the money.And the part about the recipe " jiggling ", was spot on too. I wish that they had been a bit more on the sweet side, that way I wouldn't have been so tempted to eat more than I should have. :) I will make this again.Thank you so much for posting such a wonderful recipe. " Keep Smiling :) "

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Chef shapeweaver � January 23, 2010

I have been making these brownies since 2007. These are the most amazing brownies I have ever made! Every place I take them, they are generally gone before I can even get any! My family loves them and begs for me to make them. I don't know why some people have had issues (my first time they looked horribly gross but they were insanely delicious) I follow the recipe precisely every time and they have always come out just right- they have also gotten better looking as I have had more experience making them. Thanks for posting this recipe! It will be a forever favorite at our house! The only step I ever omit, is swirling the brownie with the cream cheese mixture. I just smooth it over the top of the brownie and don't try to go for the marbled effect. It still comes out delicious!

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EccentricQueen August 17, 2013

I made this for my husband's birthday which is on Valentine's Day. It was perfect. For those who could not get the brownie to cook thoroughly add baking time especially if you are using insulated pans. I added 15 min and watched closely and it turned out perfectly.

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mlbros February 15, 2013

Great recipe! I made these for a co-worker's birthday and they were a hit. My poor family didn't get any so I will have to make them again soon. I cut them up and placed in cupcake wrappers and they looked lovely. Thanks for the great recipe.

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Kristenblakley October 25, 2012

What a huge disappointment. The middle never set - and we followed the directions precisely. We had to throw the entire batch away - find another recipe and do it all over again - which was WAY better than this congealed, soupy mess. I was simply too embarrassed to take them to the potluck and claim that I made them. They were THAT awful. Seriously - I wouldn't waste my time and money on a recipe that might or might not work, which seems to be a problem a LOT of people had with this - not setting in the middle. Such a shame too. I honestly can't understand how this rated as highly as it did.

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merrymelinda May 23, 2012

Parsley, hugs to you my friend!! I won a brownie bake off today at work with your recipe. I made the recipe just as you had stated...except I didn't use a wooden spoon when called for. It didn't even jiggle. I was worried about that and had gone easy with the cream cheese/cherry mixture in the center and stirred up a bit more of the brownie part to the top which hardens like "lava rock" when it is cooled. For the amount of sugar that I put in, I was surprised that many thought that it wasn't too sweet like the other entries. Oh....if they only knew. I did keep the portions small and had put samples in very pretty cupcake liners and put it on a pedestal cake plate, so that they would sit up "above the rest"!!! And they did!! Thank you so much. I will probably be making this recipe forever. You will get full credit too!!! Edited to add: As stated in another review, a pizza cutter make quick cutting of the final product.

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Fireflylover May 21, 2012

Made this for a pot luck dinner and I have the honors of bringing dessert, I started making another Cherry Cheesecake recipe, but this one sounded so good and had great reviews that I put the other makings aside and did this one. I AM SO GLAD I DID IT WAS TRULY A HEAVENLY DESSERT. THE BEST OF THE POTLUCK!

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Northern Polar Bear May 01, 2011
Fudgy Cherry-Cheesecake Brownie Bars