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I'm not much of a fudge maker but by golly this one came out great - as long as kept in the fridge. Since you didn't specify what size pan I first went for a 9X13 which I soon realized would make the cakes much too thick for a single serving treat so I transferred the fudge to a standard size cookie sheet. I kept the fudge in the fridge overnight and used a set of small biscuit cutters to make my circles, completing six small festive desserts. These were a hit! Were I do this again I'd consider using aspic cutters as these, I think, would be a better size (for us, anyway) Thanks for such a cute idea.

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Julie B's Hive February 01, 2010

i followed this recipe exact and i was soo excited to try them but the "fudge" never set i left it out for over 8 hours with no change then i tried to make it again and put it in the fridge and still never set properly. i really wanted this to work out and be as beautiful as your picture but alas i failed

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cuteandbublee January 23, 2008
Fudge Mini Cakes