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The actual taste of this was really good but I would never make it again. It definitely wasn't easier than regular frosting (I have a pan with chocolate caked all over it to wash) and using a stand mixer with a little mess would've been much easier than whisking for ten minutes. I cut down the coffee slightly because it seemed like a lot, which I guess is my own fault b/c it almost immediately dried like a rock. I warmed it to try and frost the cake and it barely covered the very top...it probably would've only covered half a dozen cupcakes. I love the taste of it but unless I could make it where it was MUCH creamier, I wouldn't make it again- sorry.

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liljoeyschef December 04, 2010

This is a great recipe Maria! So quick, no dishes, no powdered sugar everywhere!!! I omitted the cocoa and accidentally halved the sugar... but it still came out nicely - with a very strong coffee flavour. Would be great and have a more frosting texture if it was cooked then whipped.

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Geniale Genie September 14, 2009
Fudge Frosting