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I made a half batch of these in a 9x9 pan as nranger7 did. I found that these were completely gooey with a crunch top but the next day they were better but still very fudgy which worked out alright as my family loved them and were eating them right out of the pan so there was no need for them to be completely solid. Anyways this was very easy and delicious.

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tomsawyer May 26, 2009

Wow! These came out a lot better than I expected! Very rich, thick and fudgy in the middle. Yum! The sugar cookie came out soft - not hard as a rock like most bars I make. However, I didn't use refrigerated sugar cookies. Someone gave me a package of Betty Crocker mix and I don't like sugar cookies very much so I was looking for a recipe like this to use it up. Since I only had the one package, I used a square 9x9 inch pan and didn't crumble any dough on top. I had a hard time keeping the chocolate mixture from burning on the stove. Didn't taste burnt though! Yay! Thanks so much!

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nranger7 October 28, 2007
Fudge-Filled Bars