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I have always had trouble making the usual Chocolate Crinkles - they always turned out crunchy! These are so easy - I have made them three times for Christmas already and will probably make more today. I do chill the dough which makes them a little easier to work with. Great recipe!

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Java December 24, 2002

A super easy and fast recipe. I had a bit of trouble getting the cookies to "set" -- a few passes back through the oven did the trick. I recommend a beginning bake time of no less than 12 minutes. Also, really dredge the cookie balls in the sugar ... much is absorbed during baking, which leaves the cookies with only a minimum of white powdered coating. I plan on decreasing the oil to 1/4 cup to see if this helps stop the powdered sugar from "disappearing."

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Deb New December 24, 2002

I had to re-review this simply because I tried the same recipe using STRAWBERRY cake mix and wanted to tell y'all about it. I increased the oil to 3/4 cup because even though I LOVED the chocolate ones, I ended up overcoooking them by just a couple minutes and when they cooled, they were very hard. So I wanted to ensure that even if I overcook them again by accident, that I'll still end up with a soft, chewy cookie. This worked wonderfully with 3/4 cup oil!~!! Sent a batch of the strawberry ones to hubby's work and everyone asked how in the world strawberry cookies can be made? They'd never heard of them and LOVED 'em!! Karen, this will be my ALL TIME FAVORITE cookie recipe for the rest of my life!~ 10 stars at least! Karen, you're awesome!

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-JL- July 11, 2003

Dec, 2012
Following are the adjusted ingredient amounts from the Betty Crocker website (http://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/fudge-crinkles/9b11c0b4-37d5-45ed-b417-a218792ebc35) for the new smaller (15.25 oz) size box of cake mix.

1 (15.25 oz) box Betty Crocker? SuperMoist? devil's food cake mix
1/3 cup vegetable oil
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
Powdered sugar

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Dee514 December 19, 2012

Karen, these were AWESOME! I have three words for anyone thinking of making these: QUICK, EASY, DELICIOUS! I only wish I had made a double batch of these! You can bet next time I will! BTW, these were for my Christmas goody trays, and everyone loved them, especially my husband, who would rather not have parted with them...but you know, Christmas, better to give than to receive, all that.:) Thanks for another great recipe!

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ciao December 27, 2002

Awesome; just adding a tip that I learned from Julie VanRosendall: for the chewiest cookies (with any recipe) it's more about not overMIXING than it is about not over cooking. Of course, overcooking them doesn't help... but they may end up too doughy if you undercook. Basically... after you combine the wet and dry ingredients, only mix until the dough comes together or else the flour/gluten gets overworked and becomes tough.

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Something to Chu On December 02, 2009

WARNING--THESE COOKIES ARE ADDICTIVE! I made exactly as specified, except I wound up with 58 cookies, baking for 9 minutes they were PERFECT! Not too sweet, or heavy, but decadent just the same. Thanks for a great recipe that I can make anytime. And darn you because I'll be making it often :)

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Deborah1 February 02, 2003

It couldn't get any simpler than this!! I was munching on them in no time at all!! Extremely chocolatieeee and a great fix when I was having a major craving...totally hit the spot. I just made them yesterday, and I have gone and bought more devil's food cake mix to make more of these...two boxes actually, just so that I can double the batch...and they look so so so professional!! If you are looking for something quick, but looks great with very little effort...this is the one for you!!! Try it, you won't regret it. 5 +++ stars for taste, presentation and ease!!!

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KitchenManiac March 19, 2003

Yummy! Made these for Christmas using a Red Velvet (Duncan Hines) cake mix. Excellent. The dough is tough to mix; I used my hands and it worked very well. Thanks!

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Musical Joy December 21, 2002

These were wonderful! So easy and so fudgy! My kids loved them. They formed perfect circles and held their shape so nicely, they looked like a professional made them. This recipe is definitely a keeper!

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Cookbook Barbie December 07, 2002
Fudge Crinkles (A Great 4 Ingredient Cake Mix Cookie)