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Delicious and very fudgy as the title suggests ! I may need to cook them 5 or so minutes longer next time but my end result was crispy on the top and quite soft and fudgy underneath. Tricky to cut on day one so these are best left for a day before cutting and eating if possible . I left them o/night and they cut well today and i served them to my gardeners who loved them

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katew April 13, 2010

These brownies had a good flavor, but I had a lot of problems. I would have rated it a 3 but I didn't know if I messed up because I used a hand held mixer. So I rate this solely on taste. It took about 10-15 min. longer to bake than the recipe stated. It was very runny after 45 min. The edges were almost toffee like, they hardened in your mouth like chewy candy. The morn. after they are almost rock hard- the whole pan. I haven't had the best luck with brownies but I probably won't try this again. Sorry for the poor review, at least it isn't something you came up with on your own!! :)

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Elaniemay April 13, 2010
Fudge Brownies