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Lainey - well this is really an unusual dessert to make. I resisted the urge to stir (LOL) and followed everything exactly. I used black coffee instead of the liqueur since that was an option and baked mine in a 2 1/2 quart oval baking dish. I whisked the brown sugar before adding it with the cocoa to remove the small lumps. I did dust with powdered sugar but the kids wanted their servings with vanilla bean ice cream. It was more moist than I was expecting but the kids loved it. The coffee flavor was not overpowering at all. Sorry I did not grab a photo tonight - just served and enjoyed! Thanks for a unique dessert idea for our family! Tagged in 123 Hit Wonders.

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HokiesMom December 27, 2008

The 2 boys really liked it, I liked it with the powdered sugar (put it on my serving only) and my DD didn't care for it. I tagged in Kid Friendly. I used freshly ground whole wheat, Sucanat, powdered milk (ran out of skim), EVOO and extra milk for the coffee. It was really puddingy on the bottom. The cake floated on top. I would try reducing the water a bit next time to make it not SO liquidy. Quick to whip up though. I felt it wasn't sweet enough, but with the powdered sugar, that seemed to even it out. I think my DD would have liked it if it was sweeter too.

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WI Cheesehead November 15, 2008
Fudge Brownie Pudding Cake