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I boiled the mixture for exactly six minutes, but when it set it was both mushy and grainy. Perhaps using temperatures would be more helpful.

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Shannon Marsh January 10, 2009

pretty good, typical chocolate fudge, did not use an entire 1/2 lb butter though, just 4 tbs was fine.

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twiggyshell December 21, 2008

ZANNAH: After seeing you are in the UK, Jenny Ann wonders if the difference in your sugar contributed to the problem. American sugar is very fine grained, and if yours is not, you might want to use less sugar. Jenny Ann has never used a double boiler so that shouldn't be an issue. Just cook it exactly 6 minutes after it comes to a boil, stirring constantly to keep it from sticking. This has been a tried and true recipe in our family for years, in the states, in France, in West Africa, and now in Thailand. Being that weather can affect candy recipes, Jenny Ann encourages you to try it again on a different kind of weather day and hopes it turns out more to your liking next time. (Recipe can be halved, if you don't want to have a lot of it, in the event it doesn't work out again.) Good luck!

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Jenny Ann's sister December 07, 2008

This recipe made something very tasty, but it did not 'set' at all! I am not sure what I did wrong, I followed it to the letter (I didn't use a double boiler though, and I cut down the amount of vanilla). The end consistency was something like the filling of chocolate truffles, like those Lindt balls that you get at christmas. Any advice gratefully received! -Zannah-

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Zannah November 07, 2008

Great recipe -- the end product has the texture that I like, dense, not dry but not too moist, and not grainy/sugary. One thing, though, I tried the double boiler method and never got the sugar/milk mix to come to a boil. Finally in desperation I dumped it into another pan where I got it to boil quickly with direct heat. The recipe takes longer than you might think from reading it, because whatever method you use, you do want to heat the milk/sugar carefully to avoid scorching. I think this is the recipe I will use for my Christmas packages, with Trader Joe's 71% chocolate if I can get it! Oh, yeah, I used TJ's Semisweet Belgian chocolate. EDIT: I've made about a gazillion batches now, all with direct heat, and it works fine -- just keep the heat gentle so it doesn't scorch. Make sure you cut the butter and break the chocolate into small pieces before adding the milk-sugar mix. Also, I'd cut the amount of vanilla waaaay down -- this makes a BIG batch, but still with three tablespoons the flavor will be very strong. A tablespoon or even less is plenty.

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Mary the Disturbed Stick Woman December 20, 2007