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I am always running into recipes calling for fermented bean curd. Well Florence Lin supplied the answer.

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  1. Press the bean curd for 2 hours. Dry with towels and cut into 9 pieces. Use a very thin 5 to 6 inch bamboo or wooden skewer thread 4 small squares of curd onto each. Leave space between each.d Place in covered steamer pot in well aired room for 2 to 4 days. {Trust me you want it well aired.} It will develop a orangish yellow mold and have a slippery appearance and strong odor.
  2. Grind the crushed peppers, peppercorns and fennel. Add salt and mix well then pour into a dish. Carefully take a skewer and sprinkle seasoning mix over all of the fermented curd. Repeat until done.
  3. Put into a wide-mouth jar and pull out skewers carefully. Pour wine to cover and sprinkle salt mix on top. Cover in keep in refrigerator. IT will be ready to use in a week and will keep indefinitely.
  4. NOTE this is highly seasoned. Use small portions. If wine is too strong use salt dissolved in water. It may be made without the spices and just the salt.

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