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I added one Tablespoon honey, and used 1 cup milk, 1/2 cup strawberry yogurt, and one 10oz package frozen organic strawberries and followed the mixing directions of the recipe. It was just the right amount to fill 8 popsicles and drink a couple mouthfuls to test the flavor. After four hours the popsicles were not totally frozen so we ate them from the molds with spoons. Freezing overnight gave the popsicles enough time to harden properly. This recipe was a bit too mild and milky for me, so next time I would try swapping the milk for fruit juice.

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amylisai May 28, 2009

What a great idea. My youngest is so picky and the only fruit he will eat is banana. But he does like "fruit flavors" and fruit juices. And yogurt. I could sneak in all kinds of new fruits.... hmmm, my wheels are turning! I'll be back with a review!

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Jaymee April 01, 2007

This recipe is very similar to smoothies that I make minus the protien powder. I used all the same measurements except instead of strawberry "frozen" yougurt I used just strawberry yougurt and instead of strawberries in syrup I used frozen strawberries. Most people may find it is not as sweet as they might like this way. This recipe is very versitle by just substituting the fruit. I've tried rasberry, blueberry, cherry and coconut. I haven't tried this with soy milk and soy yougurt for those who are lactose intolerant (or vegan) but when I do I'll post another review. This is a nice healthy snack to keep on hand during the summer months.

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Djinni May 20, 2006
Fruity Strawberry Popsicle