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My mom gave us a large tupperware of fruit cocktail that no one ate at a dinner. My kids 4 and 6 think the fruit is strange and they love fresh fruit. So I found this recipe I loved the vanilla and coconut but found the fruit cocktail strange in them :( I did love how moist they are but we were not wanting to eat more than one. I saved the other Half of the batter and froze it and will try adding blueberries like a reviewer stated. Glad other reviewers liked them sorry we did not :(

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newtocookingm&m January 18, 2013

I have been meaning to review these for a while considering I have used this recipe a lot and love it. I must say I play with it depending on what I have on hand like summer squash, zucchini or carrots. Also I am not one to keep fruit cocktail on hand so I have substituted ripe bananas and even fruity babyfoods (gasp!) I love millet's texture so I tend to do that instead of nuts, but all of this is intended to say that no matter how I might stray away from the exact recipe the muffins always come out fabulous. Thank you for the inspiration.

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kathryn.b November 16, 2011

I wish I could give these 10 stars! I omited the fruit cocktail because I didn't have any on hand-and I just added extra applesause to make up for it. I used "chunky homestyle applesauce" instead of regular applesauce and loved the way that they turned out! I plan on making these again and again ! Thank you vino girl!

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GotBoxer? October 11, 2008

These muffins get rave reviews every time I make them...the fruit cocktail adds so much flavor AND makes them super-moist. I usualy add chocolate chips to half the batter and frozen blueberries to the other half. The blueberry ones are the most popular - my dad had one this morning (I made a batch last night) and said it was by FAR the best blueberry muffin he'd ever tasted. You can also make these healthier by using all applesauce (instead of oil), using some whole wheat flour and some Splenda in place of the sugar. And definitely get the "no sugar added" fruit cocktail. On the other hand, if you don't care about calories, they're also great with a walnut streusel topping and/or a powdered sugar glaze. Yum!!!

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dessertgirl718 August 30, 2007
Fruity Nutty Zucchini Muffins