Fruited Water (Apples, Oranges and Strawberries)

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

I had this at Scape, a great restaurant in St. Louis and I have been making it ever since. It is such a great combo of fruit flavors. I served this at 2 parties and it was a HIT at both! The amounts of water and fruit are just estimates and feel free to use your own judgment based on the size of your container.

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  1. I have a really big pretty canister, so I fill mine with water 2/3 the way full.
  2. Then I add a few apple slices and orange slices.
  3. Then I add some ice.
  4. Then I add the strawberries.
  5. Then I add more ice and I slide the remaining apples and oranges around the sides of the jar really pretty letting the ice hold them in place.