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Fabulous easy dessert! I used Honey Crisp apples! Used splenda instead of sugar. Made for PAC FAll 2012

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CIndytc October 14, 2012

After reading some of the other reviews, I made a few modifications of my own and this came out PERFECT! First, I creamed the butter, shortening and egg together then added the dry ingredients. The dough was not crumbly and had a wonderful texture for pushing onto an 18" pie pan coated with a layer of wax paper. It baked just right and the cream cheese filling was the perfect amount. I topped this with sliced strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. A berry - delicious dessert for a HOT summer day! :)

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MessyChef June 22, 2009

Awesome! I made this for my birthday to bring in to work, and I think this is THE BEST fruit pizza I have ever had. I have made them before with a sugar cookie crust & white chocolate - but they were always too sweet. This one is perfect! I used kiwi, dark sweet cherries, bananas, mandarin oranges, strawberries, blueberries & pineapple -- turned out gorgeous! Thank you so much for posting this recipe -- I am sure I will make it again & again! -M =)

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Mary Scheffert June 18, 2008

Excellent! I made two of these - one for my family and one for a friend. The first time I made the crust it never made a dough - it was just crumbly, but it did stick together in the pan without any problems and cooked fine. I thought it was a little thin so when I made the second one I doubled the recipe - this time the dough was "normal" not crumbly, but still cooked the same. The thinner crust wasn't greasy at all, but the thicker crust was - probably should've cooked it longer. Each crust was 14". From now on when I make this I won't double the recipe for a 14" pan - I think the thinner crust is better. I added kiwi to the fruits listed in the ingredients. I had to use twice the amount of the cream cheese mixture, but the amount of fruits listed was plenty for both pizzas. I only used about 1/3 of the sauce (about 1/6 on each pizza). It probably would've tasted fine with more sauce, but I didn't want to over do it.

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junkmail July 27, 2006

This dessert is one of the very best! It's beautiful to look at, always tastes wonderful and is often requested for receptions, parties, potlucks, etc. This recipe can be doubled and frozen up through the cream cheese step. I also sometimes use tidbit pineapple, canned peaches and cherry or blueberry pie filling. The sauce over the fruit is SO worth the extra step. Enjoy!

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Cherryberrybug April 26, 2006

This is the best!! What a great dish to take to my girls volleyball games. I really like it with fresh blueberries. Thanks Cookbook Carrie this is a definate keeper!!!

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sunnyskyler December 26, 2005

Been wanting a good recipe for fruit pizza for a while, and this was perfect!! So quick and easy, and oh so tasty!! It was hard not to eat it all myself!! Only mistake I made was baking the crust a little too long and it came out kind of cispy (not as fluffy as I usually like). But I think the cream cheese and liquid from the fruits helped soften it up. Anyhow, thanks for a fabulous recipe!

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Heidi T. November 29, 2005

I made this for a pot luck at work. Boy did it go over well! I thought the cream cheese spread was especially good. The only trouble I had was with the crust. Because my pizza pan has holes in it, I covered it with aluminum foil first. After all was said and done, the crust stuck to the aluminum foil. Before it was cooked, the crust was a pretty stick dough. I don't know if I should have added more flour, or if I should have sprayed the foil with non-stick cooking spray. But, most co-workers like it well enough, they didn't mind picking the aluminum foil off before they ate it. I also found that the recipe only made 1 pizza (about an 18" pan), not 2.

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JenniferLWilson February 28, 2005

Unbelievable!!!!! This was absolutely fantastic !! I didn't have a pizza pan, so I pressed the dough into a 13 x 9 baking dish, and followed the recipe as written. I can't say enough good things about this! The cream cheese was perfectly sweetened, the crust was delicious..I can't wait to have some more!!!! (I need to pace myself, or else I'll eat the whole thing before midnight!) Thanks for a fabulous recipe !! Teresa

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TGirl,RN February 23, 2004
Fruit Pizza