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You know this might sound really weird to you and/or whoever reads this review, but when I took the first sip of this, I felt like I was sailing on the Titanic and really enjoying myself! Haha! Today is a very auspicious day for us. It's what we call 'Shani Jayanti'(its the day of the God of the planet Saturn!) and I was fasting all day. I broke my fast with a glass of this drink at 6pm and I feel so refreshed, gosh, I feel like a queen! What a beautiful drink this is!! I did use only milk(and not yogurt)as I am trying of late not to mix the two together. You know, what I loved best about this is adding 'rose water' in this recipe. I don't remember doing this ever. But, in this drink, what I REALLY LOVED is the individual taste of the rose water. The sliced and toasted almonds also made this really presentable and even more appealing! I can't thank you enough for a really refreshing drink! Thank you sooooooo much. I'll be making this again and again and again until the market runs out of mangoes! ;)

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Charishma_Ramchandani May 30, 2003

I just love this drink! Instead of ice cubes I used frozen fruit(strawberry`s and melons) I did make it with a fresh mango. I skipped the milk and used just yogurt and water.

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Rita~ May 31, 2003

I prepared the lassi as the recipe outlined with one exception, I omitted the almonds. The result was something that tasted like soap water with a hint of mango and rose. If I were to use this recipe again, I will a very small fraction of the rose water, omit the ice water and add sugar. Perhaps it is because we are not familiar with the taste of rose water, but my wife, son, and I found this recipe inedible.

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GlenIII February 06, 2013

4 1/2 stars. Although my mother and father raved about it I thought it was just OK. I made the banana version and since my bananas were not properly ripe (brown tip/brown spots) I did add some white sugar to sweeten it some more. Like another reviewer I only used ice cold water, I freshly ground cardamom in my mortar and pestle but still did not taste it that much, maybe I estimated the quantity wrong though. I used Iranian rose water (superior to Indian etc. in my opinion). I liked the toasted almond garnish but make sure to toast them beforehand or they will be sizzling hot on top!

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UmmBinat April 29, 2011

Absolutely enjoyed everything about this beverage, & it was a nice change from the smoothies I so often make (& enjoy, I admit)! The flavor combo of banana & mango was very satisfying! Thanks for sharing it! [Made & reviewed in India ~ More than just Curries tag]

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Sydney Mike March 03, 2010

I made this as an early afternoon snack for DD (3) today. I used one mango, one banana, no almonds & cut the recipe in half. There was plenty for me to taste & for DH to have a glass as well. They both really enjoyed it. I liked it & I don't drink milk, so that was a nice surprise! I loved the rose water & the fresh mango together. Delish! Thanks for posting love4culinary! Made & reviewed for the India - More than just Curries Tag Game. http://www.recipezaar.com/bb/viewtopic.zsp?t=328026&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

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**Tinkerbell** March 03, 2010

Tastes just like the ones we had in the local Indian restaurant. Delicious and refreshing!

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The Portugarians September 14, 2008

Although it wasn't the flavor I was expecting, it was refreshing. We found out it was not sweet enough, so we put a little sugar in. In the end the flavor of the rose water was a little on the strong side. This is still a good recipe, but not your usual lassi.

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Simba7 June 12, 2008

I have just tried this drink. I made half of the recipe, using all of the ingredients and proportions. However, I used 220 g frozen, rather than fresh mango. I suspect that either the flavor of the mango was not as good as a well-ripened fresh one would have been, or that I misjudged the amount. For this reason I am not assigning stars. Anyway, the mango flavor was weak. What I mainly tasted was the cardamom and rose water. I also found the drink a little too sour for my taste. This is simply a record of my experience, and is not meant to reflect either on the recipe, itself, or the other reviews.

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mianbao August 26, 2006

A rich and satisfying drink to either finish a meal or begin the day. I used non-fat yogurt and low-fat milk because that is what I had. To offset that, I let the yogurt sit in a strainer for 20 minutes before mixing the drink. Choose mango this time and will try banana soon. I initially made it without the rosewater then added it in, just to see the difference. The small addition of one ingredient truly transformed the lassi and makes it well worth finding some. Just wasn't the same without it.

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justcallmetoni September 23, 2005
Fruit Lassi