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I used frozen mango chunks from the store. One thing I would like to say is make sure you use good flavorful fruit. This is a great low fat snack or desert. I gave it to my daughter when she was ill and would not eat anything else, and she gobbled it down. I had to use my stick blender, which made a bit extra work, and I had to add some O.J. to get everthing going but it worked great!!

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stimied January 18, 2004

I used a fruit mixture I got from M@M's. I chopped them up while they were still frozen, I did find I had to add quite a bit more yogurt, more than half a tub of the large container.I used fat free French Vanilla. It turned out very good and I enjoyed the completley fat free desert.I used Splenda instead of sugar. I never seem to have fresh lemons so I used the bottled stuff.

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Dorel March 10, 2004

This was so easy and so good. During a heat wave I was craving frozen fruit. I wanted something more fancy then Philly water ice, but nothing heavy like ice cream. This was the perfect compromise. Totally hit the spot on a muggy summer day.

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billybolo June 25, 2010

I tasted the sorbet before placing it in the freezer (just couldn't resist) and it was delicious!!! I cannot wait to have a serving once the 30 mins are up. Because I used two 10 oz Cascadian Farms - Harvest Berries Blend bags (4 cups), I increased the amount of lowfat vanilla yogurt to 3/4 cup. The sugar and lemon, I left as is. Thank you loads for such an easy, healthy and delicious recipe.

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Cristina Barry July 31, 2009

Fast and quick treat! I used frozen blackberry, raspberry, blueberry. I love the additon of the lemon juice. The 1/3 of a cup of sugar was just right amount of sweetness for us. Thanks for sharing this recipe and one I will be making again.

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Calee August 25, 2008

OMG! I Made this in under 3 minutes in my Vitamix, using: ? Frozen Organic"Mixed Berry Medley" from Costco, sourced in U.S.,) ? Strauss Organic Whole Milk Plain Greek Yogurt ? Xylitol instead of sugar ? Fresh squeezed Meyer Lemon juice (Ultra-local, from friend's tree. �� Incredible.) This was SO DELICIOUS. You can really taste the difference with the high quality, healthy & fresh ingredients. I loved it best fresh, right out of the Vitamix (or food processor). Great creamy texture. I froze it & shared w/ friends the next day, right out of the freezer & it was still beyond great, just a little icier, i.e. difference between "Ice Milk" & Ice Cream, gelato, etc. I'd recommend taking it out of the freezer & scooping it into serving cups, glasses, etc, & letting it warm @ room temp for about 10 minutes before serving. Thawing it a little bit restored it to the balanced, creamy texture & flavor I experienced when fresh-FRESH. I'm about to make it again with ripe Organic, freshly frozen nectarines. I'm sure it will be equally good! GREAT, simple - dare I say "foolproof" - 4-ingredient recipe to use with ANY FROZEN FRUIT or frozen "core" flavoring (will try Nutella next, but will scoop it into balls & freeze overnight, otherwise I don't believe it would achieve the same creamy texture). Thanks Berry Much Bergy! What a winner!

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Andrea L. Rytkönen July 19, 2016

I never even thought to make frozen yogurt this way. It was super easy and pretty quick. I replaced the sugar with splenda and it came out fine. I also agree, I would double the amount of yogurt if you like it creamier. Thanks for posting Bergy!

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Julie421511 October 07, 2008

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Best frozen yogurt I ever had and it's healthy and easy too!

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davidandlisa August 26, 2008

Very easy to make and tasted heavenly.

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Viva Forever January 24, 2008

Loved it! The comment I would bring are to let the fruit defrost about half way, my food processor wasn't happy with all that frozen fruit so I had to let it sit for about half an hour then I came back and blended it up just fine. I also forgot to pour the yogurt and lemon juice in as it ran, I just dumped it all in when I put the fruit in. Still wonderful. I used strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries - it's not overly sweet which is nice compared to so many ice creams and sherbets out there, the taste of the fruit and the slight tang of the yogurt shine through. Thanks for the recipe.

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Narshmellow November 17, 2007
Fruit Frozen Yogurt