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Very good! I somehow ended up with several opened jars of jams and preserves residing in my refrigerator, and this was a tasty way to make use of some. I used an organic mixed berry spread that included blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. I just tossed the dry ingredients and cold butter (cut into small pieces) into the food processor and pulsed until it was the proper texture. I used an 8-inch pan, so mine were slightly thicker than they would have been in a 9-inch, but we liked them that way. Thanks for posting the recipe!

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GaylaJ January 18, 2007

So easy & so good. I made my usual subs of whole wheat pastry flour for the white & canola oil for the butter. I sprayed the bottom & sides of the pan with Pam, cut a circle of parchment paper to fit the pan & placed it bottom & sprayed with Pam again. Tasted buttery & flaky. I used an 8 oz jar of Blueberry Jam I had made. My husband loved these!

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k8bug March 17, 2013

When using preserves for the filling, put some Italian unseasoned bread crumbs to thicken the preserves and the filling will not run. Will cook and blend well. I use this technique all the time.
NOTE: Mix breadcrumbs well into the preserves until you get the consistency you like. Practice makes perfect, GOOD LUCK...........Anthony444

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Anthony444 February 19, 2011

I used mixed berry organic preserves and it was awesome! I will definitely try again with another flavor!

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Pickles McGee July 13, 2010

Super duper! I have been looking for a replacement for the organic nutrigrain like bars I've been buying for the kids lunches and now I've found them! I made it with raspberry jam, old fashioned oats, and divided the dry mix in half so that half was on the bottom and half was on top of the jam. Will definitely be a regular in our house! THANK YOU!

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pixieglenn April 04, 2010

These were super easy and beyond yummy!!! I doubled the batch and made them in a large metal cake pan. I used 2 cans of Apple pie filling and they were so yummy. I just took a butter knife and ran it through the canned apple filling. Which I had dumped into a metal bowl. Until all the apples were in smaller chunks rather then the large slices they come as. I can't wait to try this with other filling!!

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Kim - Ohio February 27, 2010

I really like these. Good thing, you make them in smaller pan. I could eat the whole pan by myself with a large glass of milk. Yum! I make these with strawberry preserves. They're easy to make and I usually have the ingredients readily available. I've got the same cookbook. I have yet to make the fillings. One of these days, I'll get around to trying them. Thanks for posting this, you've saved me some trouble in adding it to my cookbook!

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Watkinslady30 October 01, 2006
Fruit-Filled Oatmeal Bars