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These are fabulous!!!! lol :-) I am definitely keeping this recipe around for when i have kids haha. Its yummy and very creative! Im not ashamed to say that I attempted to make things out of this lol... ok.. so maybe a little ashamed :-D haha actually I had planned on taking some to the little girl next door, but she wasnt home when i had time... so, I ended up with it all to myself :-P (I didnt make a whole recipe, as I didnt have 8 to serve :-) ) Thanks for the recipe sharon!!!! So adorable! :-)

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love4culinary July 26, 2003

I completely skipped the critter thing (my 13yo isn't really into that anymore) but wanted a yogurt dip. This stuff was fantastic! It was unfortunately a little on the runny side which made it difficult to stick to the fruit, so I think I might drain the yogurt before I make it again. and I will definitely make it again! It tasted sort of like a peanut butter milkshake... yummm...

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mamere94 May 19, 2008

Sharon, I made this for lunch with my two youngest siblings today. We actually didn't do the dip, just the fruit critters...it was a smash hit. My sister especially enjoyed creating funky little beetles out of pears, raisins, sesame sticks, and pretzels. Thanks for this adorable idea!

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A Messy Cook December 19, 2006

Wow! I truly wish I had more then 5 stars to give this dip. We didn't make anything cute out of the fruit tonight; we just dipped apples and pineapple into it. I used fat free vanilla yogurt and 1/2 tbsp. of splenda brown. At the end, we all drank what was left in our bowls. (Yes, it was THAT good.) And we kept talking about what other things we could do with this. So far our favorites were: pour it over ice cream, mix it with granola, and put it on top of oatmeal. Really wonderful.

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ladypit August 05, 2006

OMG !!! I could eat this every day and NEVER get tired of it ! Thank You sooo much for sharing this recipe Sharon , it's a keeper for sure !

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Theresa P January 03, 2005
Fruit Critters with Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip