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I've actually redone my review of this recipe as I wrote the first one before I had the chance to eat it the next day. As my DD says, Oh WOW! This recipe is easy to make especially if you have bought a chilled roll of phyllo. I really liked the filling being soaked in wine and it actually continues to mature over the next few days. I did use less honey as our honey is very dark and very strong, and I didn't have that much honey left. I warmed about a cup of honey which was sufficient to cover about 2/3 of the baklava. I figured that I could also heat up some more later if required. And this suited our tastes as we often find conventional baklava just a little too sickly sweet. Based on the first tastings and the honey thing I would have made this a 4.5 star. But because the baklava feeds so many it has been sitting in the fridge and every day it is getting better and better. Great for large gatherings - you cannot eat huge amounts of it at once and you get several servings out of this recipe. One to make ahead if possible. And as DH says, its a great way to get nuts into someone who doesn't usually eat many nuts.

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Missy Wombat March 04, 2005
Fruit and Nut Baklava