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Had this for supper tonight to go with my Tortured Chicken #20099. This dessert was fantastic. It was to easy to be this good. The black cherry gelatin and the chocolate crust was to die for. Next time, I will try your substitutions. This topping would be great on top of pound cake or angle food cake. After mixing ingredients together, refrigerate topping until needed. Thanks for posting a new family favorite.

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Audrey M June 30, 2003

This is a great make-ahead dessert especially when you have unexpected guests. I plan on keeping a couple of these in the freezer just for such occasions. We loved the black cherry with the chocolate crust. It will also be fun to experiement with other flavors. Thanks for sharing this winner, Domestic Goddess.

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Merlot April 11, 2006

I made this using strawberry gelatin and added some chopped strawberries. This was very good except that we needed a chain saw to cut it as it was frozen so hard. It might have been better if I had given it more time out of the freezer before serving.

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hotdoglover July 22, 2005

This would be good any season of the year, but was especially good on a hot summer day here in Colorado. I couldn't find black cherry gelatin, so used regular cherry, then sprinkled the top with about 1/4 c. of minature chocolate chips....tasted like chocolate covered cherries. Now I an eager to try other flavors of gelatin.

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NoSpringChicken July 21, 2003
Frozen Yogurt Pie