Frozen Watermelon Margaritas for a Crowd

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 0 mins

Thinking ahead to Cinco de Mayo and stumbled on this recipe. Thought others might want to join me for the occasion so I am posting this untried.

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  1. Place the seeded watermelon cubes in a sealable plastic bag and freeze for a minimum of 8 hours. You can do this days ahead if you are planning a party.
  2. Before starting to make the beverage itself, cut one of your limes into 8 wedges for garnish. Cut the second lime in quarters and use it to moisten the rim of of your serving glasses. Place the sugar in a shallow bowl or small (dessert) plate. One by one, wipe the rim of each glass with the quartered lime, then dip in the sugar until you have a nice rim.
  3. Place half of the frozen watermelon, along with half the limeade and tequilla in a blender.
  4. Blend until the beverage is mixed and there are no fruit bits but it is still frosty and slushy.
  5. Pour into prepared glass and serve with a lime wedge for garnish.
  6. Repeat with second half of ingredients.
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These were so easy to make and were delicious! We added a little fresh lime juice in addition to the limeade to cut the sweetness a little and rimmed the glasses with green decorating sugar. They were beautiful and refreshing. Everyone raved about them!

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I scaled the recipe back for just my husband and I...ended up making a lot more than I planned on! These are great. I can't wait to have company over to serve these! (Looks like I now have a reason to throw a party!) Thanks so much for posting!!

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I havent made this yet and its winter time right now but just the thought of this makes me feel like Im on the beach sippin one of these suckers....yummmmm.