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hmm I made a review yesterday but I guess it failed... Anyway this was fantastic! A great sweet but not overly sweet drink, and simple too! I liked it both as a sorbet as well as with the carbonated water. I also found out that mint goes well in this through my garnish lol. It is a great looking drink too, especially using a melon baller to create a bunch of balls in the cup! A great summer drink for sure!

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CulinaryExplorer April 14, 2008

Yummy mix of flavors. I made as directied-so good! Thank you cookiedog!

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Sharon123 August 24, 2007

This is my first PAC recipe and let me just say WOW... I'm so glad I decided to participate in this! Unfortunately because of all of the rain we've had this summer the raspberry crop has been relatively poor, so I had to substitute blackberries instead. It came out wonderful. I did end up letting the sorbet mixture freeze overnight, since it was still a little sloshy in the middle after about 4-5 hours or so, but I imagine this all depends on what kind of a container you're using to freeze it with as well. Next time I'll probably just run the whole thing through my ice cream maker to freeze it a bit more evenly anyway. It'll be a delightful treat to serve with my second PAC experiment for my in-laws tonight! (see what kind of faith I put in my twins? hehe) Thanks a ton for posting this. :)

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kaze_no_sennyo September 18, 2006
Frozen Watermelon Lemonade