Frozen Tubes in Yogurt or Popsicle or Juice or Puree or Pudding

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READY IN: 10mins
Recipe by Ambervim

Hot Summer Cool Push Ups!!!!! Fill them with whatever you want. You will know what is in it and will not have the addition of emulsifiers like tapioca starch, carob bean gum, and carrageenan as in Stoneyfield or the addition of high fructose corn syrup, potassium sorbate, carrageenan, red 40, and blue 1 as you would in GoGurt. Not only are these better for you and your children, they even cost less. Yes even after the cost of the foodsaver supplies they are less than you would buy in the store!!!!

Ingredients Nutrition

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  • yogurt
  • fruit juice
  • lemonade
  • Kool-Aid (sugar or stevia or agave)
  • fruit, puree
  • basil, puree


  1. Pull our about a 4 inch piece off a foodsaver roll.
  2. Seal one side.
  3. Leave 1 1/2 inches in center and seal the other side.
  4. Cut one end off and fill.
  5. To fill consider using funnel, piping bag or a zip lock with a corner cut out.
  6. Once full, seal that end.
  7. Freeze.
  8. Take them out to enjoy at will.
  9. Be creative with what you put in these to freeze. Review it below and I hope to see some GREAT ideas.

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