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Made this for my bookclub friends and it was a huge hit. Because the recipe didn't say to whip the whipping cream I didn't, but next time I would. Delicious! KC

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kcholmen May 16, 2009

The saltiness of the crust was a perfect blend with the creamy strawberry layer. I had it made up in less than 30 minutes...my kind of dessert, fast and easy!!! Even though this was light, it was filling....so I think this could feed 8-10 people easily. I cut the dessert in half and froze the second half for a later date. I left the dessert on the counter for 20 minutes...but it could have been left a bit longer (so you don't have "brain freeze") Really enjoyed this treat....thanks for the posting!!!

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Abby Girl May 23, 2010

I love this dessert! The saltiness of the pretzel crust with the true margarita flavor of the strawberry layer is just perfect! To make a non alcoholic version substitute 1/4 c non alcoholic margarita mix or orange juice in place of the tequila and orange liqueur. This is a great recipe! Thanks for posting!

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QueenJellyBean November 18, 2008
Frozen Strawberry Margarita Dessert