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Amazing flavor. I made just one serving as I'm the only one here enjoys yogurt and used one large ripe, juicy, glorious red peach. I did need to about triple the amount of yogurt ask for yogurt for it to blend. I used vanilla yogurt. I have some strawberries in the fridge that are going into the freezer as soon as I finish this post. They are destined for the same elegant fate as the peach. Most certainly a keeper recipe!

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Annacia July 16, 2012

We don't get frozen peaches so I bought a 1K jar of peaches which I drained well and froze on a baking paper lined tray in a single layer and as I got 21 ounces of frozen peaches I upped the ingredients according accept the confectioners sugar which I decreased to 1/4 cup as I think the fruit is quite sweet enough and I also used a vanilla yoghurt and the result was 4 cups of luscious tasting dessert and 3 of us polished of half of it in one sitting and for a guilt free dessert I served it with Diet Chocolate Sauce, thank you Kerfuffle-Upon-Winkle for such a lovely dessert, make for Rookies tag game.

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I'mPat January 30, 2014

You cannot go wrong with this. I used dried honey instead of sugar and rather less of it. Also I threw in a couple of frozen boysenberries which added a pretty purple-pink hue to the whole thing. Instead of yogurt, I used kefir that had stood for a few days and was quite thick. I also put in a couple of shakes of turmeric prior to processing - you cannot taste it, but it does add some antioxidant value. Very enjoyable.

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duonyte August 08, 2012

I used canned peaches and just a little more yogurt. The sweetnest is just perfect. It's so easy to do. I froze sliced strawberries and raspberries to try it also. Thanks Kerfuffle :) Made for Photo tag game

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Boomette July 24, 2012
Frozen Peach Yogurt -- Made in a Food Processor!