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Just finished off my first piece of this wonderful frozen chocolate pie! It was so easy to make too---loved it! The only change I made was not using FF cream cheese (I had the Neufchatel on hand). Next time, I will try the strawberry version, but I have a feeling that the chocolate will win out (it usually does in this house!) thanks for posting.

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BelleofPA June 13, 2010

I had a block of FF cream cheese and I had no idea what to do with, so I was very happy when I stumbled across this recipe. It does live up to it's name, very creamy, perfectly chocolaty but not decadently so - which is fine because you still feel like you are indulging. I made this using a springform pan because I made my own cookie crust and it came out looking beautiful. The batter had me worried for a while because it seemed so runny but it set up perfectly! I didn't even need to thaw it before cutting. I didn't use the sucralose sweetener (cause I had none) and used sugar to replace it. Great recipe for something fat-free. Thanks

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Roxanne J.R. January 22, 2010

WOW! This is an extremely simple recipe. I forgot to heat anything and just bagan dumping it all (choc chips, coffee grounds, and all) into the food processor and mixed away. I then removed the blade, took a rubber spatula, and stirred it to get the sides mixed in and then poured it into the premade crust. I made the mocha version using french vanilla coffee grounds and WOW (again) what awesome flavor. This is definitely a keeper as I (not a chocolate or coffee person) licked the processor bowl clean! Finally frozen, this dessert intensifies in flavor and is just scrumpdillyicious! Thanks kittycatmom, for such an awesome recipe! ~Bird

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2Bleu May 21, 2009
Frozen Lite Chocolate Cheesecake