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THANK YOU! Not only is this a great hash brown recipe ( I love that there's no boiling or grease splattering!) But this answered some questions for me too. I never had frozen hashbrowns, but recently I've found a bunch of recipes that call for them. So I looked at them at the store and they're expensive! I thought " I have potatoes at home, why would I pay that "? However I didn't know if the frozen potatoes were just raw potatoes or if they were pre-cooked, prefried or what. Couldn't find the answer anywhere so came to zaar. Typed in "frozen hash browns" and bingo! I'll definately be useing this again! Didn't have seasoning salt so just used a mish mosh of spices (salt, pepper, onion powder, cayenne and paprika) Turned out great. What a life saver.

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Nikoma March 10, 2009

My kids love potatoes for breakfast and I am not a morning person! These are great. I cooked them on parchment paper for no sticking and easy clean up. Thanks for the recipe!

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Kate in FL February 12, 2009

Thanks tasb for sharing this great technique. DH got alittle carried away when he planted potatoes this year, I have potatoes coming out of my ears, lol's. Your recipe is just what I was looking for. Made my first batch yesterday and we enjoyed some this morning for breakfast. Absolutely delish. I followed your directions exactly. I zapped a couple of handfuls in the microwave and then browned them up in rendered bacon fat. The addition of your recipe for the potatoes topped off a perfect farmer's breakfast of, our eggs, and our bacon, along with some rye toast. Thanks again, will be my go to for surplus potatoes. Leslie

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Nana Chickens August 19, 2007

Since I'm on my third or fourth go-round with these, I guess it's time to rate them! Simple, inexpensive and they come out better than the ones you buy in a bag at the store. I use whatever I have on hand for seasoning. I just now read the microwave defrosting part - I've not done that at any time, generally just throw them in a pan heated over medium with a little oil.

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sleepigrl February 02, 2010

These are great! I did a test batch last night, with just two medium potatoes, and froze them as directed after baking. [They did stick to the baking sheet a little bit, but I just scraped them off and froze the crispy bits along with them]. Today for lunch, I fried them on medium heat in a combo of oil and margarine. So good! They were tender inside and crispy outside. My husband said they're better than the frozen hashbrowns he buys at the grocery store!

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Terri Newell November 26, 2009

I bought a 5 pound bag and made these. Now, making breakfast is a breeze. I would will never have to peel and cut potatoes first thing in the morning anymore. The potatoes were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Thank you.

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Queenchef April 27, 2006

I had trouble with the potatoes sticking to the cookie sheet. I tried cooking them on some foil and they stuck to that too. The taste was great though and I love having homemade hash browns ready to go in the freezer.

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Margie99 December 30, 2008

I'm very pleased with the outcome of these potoates. I sampled a few while putting them away. I can't wait to make them for the family for sunday morning breakfast. I used a zesty seasoning salt. I'm going to do more but with different seasonings. Thank you for this very delicious recipe. BTW, I bought 50 lbs of potatoes this will definately help put them away for the winter.

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barefootmommawv August 22, 2007

Also working with 5LBS. of Potatoes...I cut up the potatoes and followed your recipe. I am very pleased to tell you that they have worked with frozen hashbrowns needed for many recipes on this site. Thank You so very much for the much needed recipe for potatoes that are hard to use when you are by yourself. Hugs

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Braunda October 04, 2006

Fantastic recipe!! I've always wanted to find a way to take advantage of potatoes when they go on sale. This recipe is the ticket! I used Penzey's sandwich sprinkle and paprika as the seasoning and they were delicious! These will be a great money and time saver. Thanks so much for sharing this keeper recipe!

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Lucky in Bayview October 22, 2013
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