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I have to admit, I was rather sceptical about this recipe. It just didn't seem to have enough ingredients. My ladies I served it to were overwhelmed by its pure chocolate flavor. The cake is crunchy on the outside, somewhat difficult to cut, but well worth the wait. I cut the cake and set it on a plater covered with rasberry/strawberry puree (no seeds)and surrounded the cake with fresh cut strawberries and topped it with a few too. It looked beautiful on the table and the platter was licked clean by the guests. Thanks Fandoos. This recipe is a keeper.

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Lucy Zoe February 28, 2003

this is great! i used less than 1 tbsp of granulated sugar because i didnt have caster sugar. very decadent but super easy too. thanks for a great dessert!

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Pritha February 07, 2010

Fandoos, This recipe *almost* got 2 or 3 stars from me because you said "freeze several hours or overnight"... but didn't mention if it should be eaten directly from frozen or not. I froze it overnight and served it frozen because I assumed from the title of the recipe that that's what was required. It wasn't rock hard, but it wasn't soft either. To be honest everyone hated it... all of us, to a person. Even DH who will persevere with every desert I've ever set before him pushed his plate away. It was the texture that we all strongly objected to... so much so that I *almost* threw it away. Luckily I put the unserved slices on a plate in the fridge (thinking I would see if I could selvage it for next evenings dessert in some way) WELL, I took it out next day and noticed that it was much softer.. It caught my interest, I took a spoon and sampled a corner of one of the slices...Wow! from disaster to divine in one step ! It was georgous !!! I cut my "sampled" slice into bits and went around the family and house guests and they sampled it too...like me, they were all amazed at the transformation, and they were all quick to help themselves to more. It dissapeared like lightening, they all wanted me to make it again.. soon ! If anyone wants to make this, please don't make the mistake of serving this frozen.. let it thaw a bit and soften .. it definiately makes a world of difference to the texture of the recipe. Please see my rating system... after a very shaky start, and *almost* a sad misadventure, this recipe deserves 5 stars ! I will be making it again SOON due to popular demand. Thanks !!!

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kiwidutch June 25, 2005

I made this with Hershey Kisses and egg whites only. IT WAS Perfect. The other change I made was to bake in mini-loaf silicone pans and glass custard cups. Both worked well, and made for very nice single servings. Next time, I will make it 6 servings because the mix does rise when baked, and it was over the edge on the cups.

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Lauren4372 February 09, 2008

I gave this 5 stars because it was delicious and turned out beautifully, but please be aware that this is not really a cake but a giant truffle! It is so rich and intense - if you cut a medium size slice it is like eating a handful of dense chocolate fudge. That being said (because it was a little intense for my own personal taste), this cake is not only decadent but it is super easy to make and looks elegant too. You could serve it to a large group because a small slice would be perfect after a good meal! I actually used salted butter and it was fine, and since I didn't know what caster sugar was I used Baker's sugar (which is finer than normal white sugar). For the raspberry sauce I thawed a bag of frozen raspberries in the microwave and stirred in some Cointreau and a little sugar. No blending required and it was wonderful! ALSO: good chocolate can be very expensive, but for those who live near a Trader Joe's I got an enormous 17.5 ounce dark chocolate bar for $3.99, and it was delicious!

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rebeccaa2 May 30, 2007

This is my very first review; I chose it b/c I have made this several times and every time it is a hit. I first tried this dessert in a restaurant called 'Cactus Club' but the last time I went back, was disappointed to see they no longer had it on the menu. I sought out this recipe and tried it. This is such a fantastic dessert. It is a denser dessert and very rich and sweet, but the use of dark chocolate mellows it out. For the cake, I never have caster sugar so I just grind up cane sugar, and I haven't noticed any difference. For the berry sauce, I reduce the icing sugar amount drastically and simply combine frozen raspberries and some water. Since the raspberries are tart, it is a perfect compliment to the chocolate. Remember to heed other warnings about allowing the cake to thaw before serving. Thank you a million times for posting this awesome recipe!!!

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Eat! Eat! You're skin and bones! April 09, 2007

Got rave reviews. Tastes like a mud cake but not as heavy. I put frozen berries on top and served with a berry coulis (using frozen berries again). Tastes great with some ice cream on the side. Oh I used milk chocolate not dark.

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Yvonne Lee March 01, 2006

This cake was was fantastic!! Rich intense chocolate flavor and so simple to make. I needed a dessert I could make a few days ahead and I'm so glad I chose this.I did take it out of the freezer a few hours before serving (thanks andria :)) I served this with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Even though we were all quite full, we kept going back for just another small slice,lol, and practically finished the whole thing. Thanks so much!

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Liara January 21, 2006

This was the "non pie" dessert addition to our Thanksgiving dinner. I chose it because it could be made and ahead and frozen. Though I had run out of chocolate and didn't do it a week before like I had planned. I made it the night before Thansgiving and put it in the freezer in the morning. About an hour before eating I took it out (per kiwidutch's advice, thanks!) and put it in the fridge. It was a big hit! Really fudgy and wonderful. Incredibly strong chocolate flavor and almost fudge like texture. A very impressive looking dessert that is super easy to make. Thanks.

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ladypit November 25, 2005
Frozen Chocolate Mousse Cake