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Well, put me in the same catagory as your daughter, because ... I "supposedly" don't like pumpkin either (I won't even LOOK at a pumpkin pie). But we had pumpkins left over from Halloween, so we cut them up, roasted them & made HOMEMADE pumpkin puree that I used in this recipe -- even after being frozen for a few months!) I didn't have any ginger snaps, so I used graham crakers. Plus, I forgot to let the crust cool before I put in the pumpkin batter & had to let it cook about 5 minutes longer than the directions (it looked WAY TOO "jiggly" for me, but I've never fixed a pumpkin pie ... maybe that's how it is SUPPOSED to look??)& just used a packaged vanilla Jiffy frosting to cover it. So, I did make a FEW changes ... but the RESULTS WERE AMAZING!!! I didn't even let it completely cool before I HAD to cut into it! I am using every bit of self-restraint that I have to keep from gobbling up the entire thing right now ... before my dd gets home from school & has a chance to tasted it!! LOL

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Puffykins :) January 14, 2003

These pumpkin bars are AWESOME!!! So moist and quick and easy! I used gingersnaps which gave it a wonderful spicy bite to it. Definite keeper!! Thanks dayla ; )

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RecipeNut December 08, 2002

A little dissappointed in this recipe b/c I thought it would be "bars" rather than cake with a bottom crust. They were pretty good, but not exactly what I was after.

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Stephie Biggs November 02, 2003

I, too, am not what I'd call a pumpkin lover -- but these are great! My only 11x15 pan is a jellyroll pan with very short sides, I wasn't sure that would work so I used a 9x13 pan; making them a little taller than a "bar" but oh so yummy. One reason I picked this recipe is that I'd bought a box of gingersnaps that nobody was eating and they were just sitting around going stale, but I ground them up in the food processor and they worked great. Even my picky DD2 had to agree that these bars were good after I convinced her to try a bite. DH will love these. Thanks!!

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Zewbiedoo December 04, 2005

Help! I cannot keep eating these! They are a nibbler's delight! I made them the other night, and kept seeing everyone sneaking in and out of the kitchen as the bars continued to disappear. These are wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

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Susan Lee August 11, 2003
Frosted Pumpkin Spice Bars