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I was cleaning the freezer and wanted to use up all my frozen coffee, had some vanilla vodka (which I'm suppose to bake with!) but didn't have baileys so used Carolans (only 1/4 cup so topped up to 1 cup with the vanilla vodka) No butterscotch so used chocolate liqueur like another review used, some extra milk with choc syrup....YUMMY!!

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karen in tbay May 11, 2010

Wonderful diverson from watching Grandson @ T Ball, with all the other spectators! Didn't have Vanilla Vodka, so I used just plain and added a bit of the real vanilla I've got stashed in the bakery cabinet.Delightful treat!

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Mares C. May 13, 2005

Lovely Rita, this was divine! I made up a batch of this on Thursday night, adding everything together. Used my homemade vanilla vodka, and didn't have any butterscotch schnapps so I used chocolate liqueur instead. I just mixed everything up together, then poured it into a Ziploc bag and froze it overnight (mostly froze, the booze kept it just a bit slushy). My advice is to taste before you freeze, I found we needed just a bit of sweetner (3 packets of Splenda was enough) and just another teaspoon of coffee. The next morning I put the frozen bag in a freezer bag and shlepped it all on a bus for 2 hours. Gave it a preliminary shmoosh with an immersion blender and we had some gorgeous, slushy, boozy coffee on a hot morning. Rita, this rocks!

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Mirj August 29, 2004
Frosted Creamy Coffee(booze)