Frito Chili Pie

Total Time
20 mins
40 mins

I like my chili thick and mild with just a bit of zing and I hate the taste of pre-packaged seasoning mix so here's my own chili recipe served my favorite way...scooped over a layer of fritos corn chips and topped with shredded cheddar cheese! This reminds me of childhood! Enjoy.

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  1. Combine first 6 ingredients in a dutch oven or large pot.
  2. Cook until beef and sausage are browned and drain excess grease.
  3. Turn heat to medium and add remaining ingredients.
  4. Turn heat to medium low and simmer for 40 minutes.
  5. To Serve:.
  6. Pour a layer of Fritos onto a plate or into a bowl.
  7. Spoon chili over Fritos.
  8. Garnish with desired amount of shredded cheddar cheese.