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These were tasty, but I am wondering if there is a misprint in the recipe. It seems as though the beans should cook on the low setting instead of the high setting. I set mine to cook on high, and when I checked them 8 hours later, the beans were completely cooked and breaking into pieces...maybe my crock pot cooks at a higher temperature or something. The beans were really good (I did add more salt than the recipe calls for), and I will probably make them again, but next time I will definitely cook them on low. Thanks!

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Karabea September 20, 2008

I recently made a big batch of these for a Mexican themed dinner party we were throwing. Great success! I made a two-pound bag's worth of black beans. I soaked the beans for eight hours during the day, then, b/c I didn't know how long they'd take to cook, put them in the crock pot overnight, to ensure they'd be done the following afternoon. I have a 7 qt. Kitchen Aide crock pot--they cooked for about nine hours on LOW, and came out perfect. The whole house smelled amazing for two days. And, with the leftovers, which were quite thick, I added a bit of water, some cooked chicken and pork pieces (leftover from tacos), then garnished with cilantro and onion. Made a great chili!

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Battle in Seattle June 21, 2011

This is a very tasty recipe. I've made it three times, and each time, it has taken a different length of time to get done, one day to two days. Strange! Great to make in large quantities and freeze the extra. Love it!

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Dancing Tree January 14, 2010

I made this last weekend. I soaked the beans on Friday night and cooked them on Saturday. They are VERY tasty! I used them for a salad, and also froze some to use for other dishes. Thanks for posting this recipe!

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alazzia April 16, 2008
Frijoles Negros- Crock Pot Mexican Black Beans