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I'm sorry, but this recipe just didnt work for me in any way, shape or form. I made the mixture exactly as stated, refrigerated, and left it in there for the longest, and it never really firmed up enough to form into balls...just mush. I added some breadcrumbs to the mixture just so i could actually roll them and fried. Unfortunately, neither my husband or I enjoyed these very much. With the rest of the mixture I through in a lot more cayenne, some chopped parsley and some minced garlic, and we made the rest of them. We just didnt enjoy these at all; I really wish we had. The idea was very nice (we love tuna patties so much) but it was just seriously lacking in flavor. I will try these again using more ingredients that will add flavor and enhance the flavor, and will try to find other ways to make the mixture more firm, so they will fry into nice round balls. Im really sorry these didnt work for us.

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love4culinary April 16, 2005
Fried Tuna Fish Balls