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I started by pressing the tofu before marinating. I just used two dinner plates and two 32 oz cans on top for 15-20 minutes to push all that excess moisture out. This helps the tofu absorb the marinade more completely and also to help it fry more effectively. This salad was wonderful! I left the watercress out (like everyone else) because I couldn't locate any in our local grocery stores. No matter, it was still wonderful! A fresh and different dressing and the breading on the tofu was yummy! I think next time I try this I'd like to swap out the cornmeal with panko. I'd bet that would be equally delicious and give it a more delicate touch that I imagine would be extremely palate-pleasing. Thanks so much for posting and sharing this recipe with us!

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Cynna June 29, 2006

Good and interesting salad. I also didn't use the watercress (couldn't find any) or sesame seeds (out of) but still enjoyed this very easy and different supper salad. Thanks for sharing!

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ellie_ March 29, 2005

Oh My, Oh my, My Dh raved and raved about this recipe. We both enjoyed it for dinner last eve. Loved the fried Tofu, It goes so well with the Spinach salad and the dressing is so tasty. I didn't use the watercress as I couldn't find any,Used some baby greens instead. I will be making this often for a good summer time meal. Thank you Sharon.

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Barb Gertz May 16, 2004

is it true that to serve tofu and spinach inone meal is unhealthy

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nanayohk September 23, 2004
Fried Tofu and Spinach Salad