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The nutritional yeast gives the tofu a bit of a cheesy flavor, which was so good! I usually don't like tofu unless mixed into a soup or casserole, but this is REALLY good. I also liked the texture of the tofu fried. I cut the recipe in half, so didn't have leftovers. Wish I did. Can't wait to make a tofu sandwich like you suggest, Bergy!

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yogi October 26, 2002

Very creative use of nutritional yeast! I cut mine up pretty small, and with the higher breading to tofu ratio they were pretty good chicken nugget analogues. You could freeze the tofu first and add corn starch and/or bread crumbs to the coating to make them even more like nuggets.

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vigilant20 January 11, 2008

This was REALLY good. Actually my first experience with nutritional yeast and I loved it. I'm not sure what the spice mixture was- cumin, I know, but my boyfriend concocted it. Delicious and easy. I pressed my tofu for maybe 10 minutes, too. I used canola oil to fry in (couldn't figure out where I put the olive oil). Excellent, excellent, excellent- we will be making this again...and again...and again... ;)

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Roosie February 19, 2004

The nutritional yeast is what does it for this recipe. I used regular sesame oil and a dash of toasted sesame oil to fry the tofu, and also added some extra ingredients to the recipe including minced garlic, a smidgin of chili paste, lemon peper and some onion flakes. The tofu fried up better once I removed the extra soy sauce mixture from the pan, too. I never have good luck slicing tofu in 1/4" slices, it tends to break up, therefore I cut the tofu into 1/3" slices and weighed the slices down for 30 minutes under a cookie sheet with cast iron pan on top of that. This released the water content in the tofu and gives it a light, spongy texture that up to this point has eluded me. I like this recipe because it can be adapted to whatever you are preparing, be it an Italian, Mexican or Asian inspired meal. Thank you for finally allowing me to tackle my fear of frying tofu. The recipe has been handwritten and lovingly added to my collection. Respectfully, Cookgirl

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COOKGIRl December 20, 2003

AMAZING!!! <br/>This was my first time cooking tofu. I wanted to start out with a simple recipe, because I was a bit intimidated. The Nutritional Yeast gives the tofu a panko bread crumb type of coating which is absolutely deee-lish!<br/><br/>I used my McCormick Italian Herb Grinder for my spices and it was perfect. It gave the tofu an "Italian chicken cutlet" flavor.<br/><br/>I taste-tested these at different points while they were cooking. My advice is to really brown them (I do tend to like things a tad overdone, that's just my preference).<br/>**For anyone who's new to tofu, be sure to really press the water out of the tofu.<br/><br/>My husband literally can't keep his hands off of these (says I "knocked it out of the park") and I'm afraid there won't be any left for dinner!!<br/><br/>I am sure I'll be making this weekly. Thanks for sharing! :)

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Momma O April 16, 2013

Holy moly. This was wonderful! I've never made fried tofu before, but I will continue to do so. My entire family (vegans and nonvegans) loved this recipe. I added spices of garlic salt, pepper and ground fenugreek and it was awesome. This is a permanent recipe for sure. Thanks for posting it!

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sunflower99 September 01, 2008

I really enjoyed this dish! The tofu came out nice and crispy on the outside and I enjoyed the yeast flavor! I had this with rice I cooked with Bev's Red-Hot Sesame Dressing. Thanks for a simple delicious recipe!

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Sharon123 November 08, 2003

Simple and mild-tasting. I made this twice in one weekend! Good with some sort of sauce to dip it in. I will be making this for myself when my husband has steak or something. I used cumin and garlic, as suggested. I fried it in a nonstick skillet sprayed with cooking spray.

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cpenner September 29, 2003

This was a good recipe. As another reviewer mentioned the flavor of the nutritional yeast kind of got to me after a couple bites. Also, I think I would have the liked the texture a lot more if the tofu had been frozen first. I knew after tasting it that I would prefer it as a sandwich. It was a really quick ad easy meal, just not quite what I was looking for. Thanks for posting the recipe.

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Lucky in Bayview October 09, 2013

Okay, I'm not a huge fan of tofu. Actually the first time I made it I had to throw it all out because i couldn't even get it down. But I wanted to give tofu a second chance, so I tried this and it was great. I always hated the texture of tofu but this recipe had a really good crunch on the outside.It tasted a bit like chicken, no joke! I used Cajun seasoning, which made it a tiny bit too salty, I should warn anyone that make this to not use a seasoning that contains salt, there's already enough salt from the soy sauce. The only reason I'm not putting five stars is I think you should add a step for pressing the moisture out of the tofu. Some people who are new to tofu may not know about doing that. And I know not everyone presses their tofu but personally I find it disgusting when there's too much moisture. Other than that, the recipe was great. Thank you for helping me love tofu!

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shannonkf March 25, 2013
Fried Tofu