Fried Sweet Potatoes With Honey

Total Time
10 mins
20 mins

A lovely Japanese snack/dessert.

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  1. Clean sweet potatoes with water. Cut them into bite-sized chunks with keeping the skin on.
  2. Clean the chunks again and wipe off excess water.
  3. Slowly deep-fry the potatoes in a skillet over a low heat, until they turn slightly golden.
  4. Mix fried sweet potatoes with honey in a bowl.
  5. Sprinkle black sesame in the potatoes and serve it hot or cold.
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This is such a comfort food! I pan fried them since I don't have a deep frier and that worked very well -- crispy outside and smooth and creamy inside! I loved the honey! I added the sesame seeds to half and cinnamon to the other half. I had one for dessert last night and the other for breakfast this morning. They did really well reheated for breakfast (in the microwave). Thanks for posting Little! [Made for Veggie Swap January 2009]

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These are really good. Made as is and loved them. Made for dinner, not sure I would eat them as a snack. Made for Everyday's a Holiday Tag Feb 2010.

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I really enjoyed this recipe! I actually roasted mine for about 15 minutes, then transferred to a frying pan for the rest. Loved the black sesame seeds with this. Thanks! Made for the Potluck in the Comfort Cafe-Ja. 2010.