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This is excellent! Just like what a local restaurant uses as a garnish on one of my favorite appetizers. The dipping sauce is good, but I liked the sage plain. I should also mention that I don't care for sage much in dishes but the flavor it so light and delicate when fried - it's just wonderful!

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Mysterygirl August 04, 2004

I really loved these leaves and dip, but with some changes. First, there was no way anything was going to stick to my washed and dried Berggarten sage leaves without a little moisture, so I sprayed them with olive oil. Then to make matters *better*, I used panko (Japanese bread crumbs) instead of the flour for a crispier texture. Even so, not much stuck to the leaves, but it was pretty much a moot point when you use the dip anyway, which has a strong flavor as opposed to the delicate flavor of the sage leaves. Nonetheless, I gobbled my portion right on down and loved every minute! Thank you for posting!

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Sandi (From CA) June 29, 2008
Fried Sage Leaves