Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 10 mins

Saw Paulette Mitchell make this on TV and decide see if it would work and not only did it work it was also quick, easy and made a very pretty garnish. We used it at Thanksgiving as a garnish on a creamy squash soup and everyone enjoyed both the light sage flavor and how pretty it looked. *The fried sage will keep for up to 2 days in a tightly closed container at room temperature. * The cook time is estimated as I was not watching the clock when I did it.

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  1. Heat the oil in a small saucepan over medium-high heat.
  2. When the oil is hot so that drops of water sizzle when sprinkled into the oil, add the sage leaves. Fry for about 15 seconds, turning occasionally with a slotted spoon or tongs. (Don't let the leaves brown, or they’ll become bitter.).
  3. Transfer the leaves onto a paper towel-lined plate. The leaves will become crisp as they cool. Sprinkle lightly with fine-textured salt.
  4. *The fried sage will keep for up to 2 days in a tightly closed container at room temperature. *.
Most Helpful

Great flavor! Made as a garnish for pumpkin cream sauce pasta. For some reason tough most of my leaves did not get crispy. Not quite sure why - I followed the directions exactly and my oil was very very hot. Definitely worth trying again for it's simplicity and delicious taste! Thanks Deb.

sofie-a-toast November 18, 2011

A small present from the garden to garnish soooo many dishes!
I like this with ravioli and all kind of pastas!
Everybody should try this recipe!

awalde December 23, 2010

Easy elegance. This garnish is very pretty, with a pleasant taste. Frying seems to tone down the sage flavor somewhat. You could use this to flavor the oil to fry poultry or fish, as well. Thanks for posting!

Chocolatl December 03, 2010