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This was really easy and good. I never throw out my leftover rice. I save it using my"food saver" for soups that I love to make for my Grandson or for a time when I want to make fried rice. So frozen rice worked well. I like the fact that it didn't call for soy sauce. But I would really like to add some ginger to it next time to make it more authentic, some salt (tiny bit) and black pepper. The oyster sauce on this fried rice was new to me, but well accepted. Made for N/Z Ed #8 Tag Game

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daisygrl64 September 01, 2009

Wonderful Jan, we totally loved this! Made just as you describe, except that DH chopped up a great deal more bacon than I expected him to... so, I used it! I didn't add soy, it totally doesn't need it, and I used my lovely flat wooden lifter, I love that thing. I made the rice the night before, easy to pop it in the microwave and leave it to cook while I'm making that nights supper. I made some shrimps cooked in garlic and chilli to accompany, for DH and myself, DD2 ate this by itself, and was very disappointed that there were no left overs. Since she normally is not wild about peppers, i was very pleased to see such a good appetite! Colourful, healthy and nutritious, and absolutely delicious! Thanks, Jan!

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Karen Elizabeth November 28, 2008

After having a rather ordinary meal from our favourite Chinese Restaurant which we have been going to for over 25 years, I have decided to make my own as after the last time I don't think I will EVER be able to go to a Chinese Restaurant again without being quezie in the stomach (long story).
I have never atenpted to make my own fried rice ever, and this was a great recipe for a beginner.
I had rice left over from the previous night's meal, so this recipe was just the thing I needed!
Just wonderful, so easy adding just what the family liked, and with what was left in the fridge, this made for an easy, great tasting and economical meal, and it was also great for the next day I just popped it into the microwave, making for a great lunch at work.
Thanks Jan will making this myself again, no more take away for me.

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Tisme October 05, 2012

I don't think I have ever used a recipe to make fried rice, it's just a throw-everything-in kind of meal. But tonight I thought I'd try something different, and this was wonderful!! It was very similar to the way I usually make it, apart from the sesame oil, chilli oil, and oyster sauce - I loved the flavour it all added! I'll be making this again! Thanks for sharing your recipe :)

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Sara 76 June 28, 2011
Fried Rice My Way