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These had a pleasant enough flavor, but I also had the same problem with the cheese, garlic, and lemon rind staying in the bowl and not adhering to the potatoes when mixing; it did stick a bit in the browning stage, but not completely, leaving most of "the good stuff" at the bottom of the frying pan--disappointing because you have to do a bit of work for an unsuccessful result. Perhaps if a part of the oil were used to lightly coat the potatoes in the bowl before mixing them with the other ingredients it might work better? Thanks for posting.

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FlemishMinx January 12, 2005

Very good! When I combined the potatoes with the rest of the ingredients the cheese stayed in the bowl and did not stick to the potatoes, so when I cooked them I just put that on the top and it started to stick whilst cooking and tossing. They turned out nicely flavored and crunchy. I served them to go with roast chicken and a cauliflower dish.

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Pets'R'us September 08, 2003
Fried Potatoes With Lemon and Garlic