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I wasted a whole package of cheese sticks. The freeze time wasn't enough to prevent them from falling apart in the hot oil and what was salvageable was not very good. I'm not sure what went wrong, but this was not palatable for us. I only cooked five in the first batch but threw away the rest to avoid having to wash off the breading and try again. Thanks for sharing the recipe and I'm glad it went well for some reviewers.

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mjdplus2 September 03, 2014

Great recipe! Mine turned out really good my husband loved them so much I had to make two batches! I couldnt find bread crumbs in the store so I made my own by toasting the bread and adding garlic salt parmesan cheese and Italian seasoning they were really good thank you for posting the recipe

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melissa e. September 06, 2013

Mine turned out a mess. Haha :) I certainly do not blame it on the recipe though. I didn't quite coat them enough with the breading (and I added a couple of tablespoons of water to thin out the egg) - both of which I do not recommend! Next time I will probably double-dip into the egg and breadcrumbs so that the casing is nice sturdy. The end result is tasty though :D Made for PAC Spring 2009.

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Peachie Keene April 15, 2009

This recipe is a keeper...my favorite food is Mozzarella Sticks and I think I have had a million different kind....I love this recipe...Also, for people who can't find fresh mozzarella you can use the mozzarella cheese sticks (one's you would give your kids to eat) that you can buy at the grocery store and those work great too!

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TopAtlantaChef April 12, 2009

Oh my these are good and easy. I have been trying to figure out how to make mozza sticks and this recipe is perfect. Definite keeper and going in my faves of 2009 CB Made for Top Faves Cookbook Tag

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wicked cook 46 March 29, 2009

Very simple, easy to follow recipe. Who knew that one of my kiddos favorite fast food snack was this easy! And the best part for me was they didn't taste freezer burnt like they sometimes do at the restaurants. For a little extra kick, I did add a few drops of hot sauce to the egg. It was very tasty! Served this with ranch dressing for dipping. Thanks for sharing. Made for New Kids on the Block tag game. Loved it!

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TheGrumpyChef December 31, 2008
Fried Mozzarella Sticks