Fried Morels (Fried Wild Mushrooms)

READY IN: 48hrs 12mins
Recipe by angela hollander

This could be a main dish, side dish, or just a snack. The best part of this is actually going out into the timber/woods to look for the mushrooms (which is somewhat relaxing), or you can find someone who has done all the leg work and pay them (2003 going price) $25 per pound. These are very popular and somewhat of a delicacy around these parts (midwest), since they can only be enjoyed once a year when the mushrooms are in season (late April/early May). These are VERY rich, and can cause unwanted "side effects" if you eat to many!! Once you eat them, you will know your limit. I put no amounts for the ingredients because you never know how many you will find, and you must adjust the recipe for the amount of mushrooms you have!! ENJOY!!

Top Review by Chef Shadows

We use bacon grease and butter to fry ours. I also use a flour, salt, pepper, red pepper, and garlic powder as the coating, lets the flavor of the morels come through more so then the crackers and is not as heavy. Thanks, was good for one time around.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • wild mushroom (the cone shaped mushrooms)
  • butter (for frying, MUST be fried in butter, I like to use Land O Lakes for this)
  • cracker (any saltine cracker)
  • egg
  • salt
  • water


  1. This is for the avid mushroom hunter!
  2. You must prepare the mushrooms first by washing them gently under cold water, slicing them lenghtwise into strips (the bigger the mushroom, the more slices you can get), then soak them overnight in salt water in the refrigerator.
  3. When you are ready to fry'em up: beat eggs in one bowl.
  4. crush crackers in another bowl.
  5. dip sliced mushrooms into egg.
  6. then dip into crackers.
  7. if you wish, you can"double dip" by putting them back into egg and roll in crackers agian.
  8. put them into the heated pan with butter already melted.
  9. fry mushrooms until"crust" is golden brown or slightly darker, mushrooms must be turned to evenly cook both sides.
  10. put on paper towl to drain and ENJOY!

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