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Very very yummy! I used cappalletti, which I thought might make it easier to shape balls in the end. I made this recipe in stages, I made the macaroni and cheese and refrigerated it, next day I formed the balls and froze them. And there they stayed for a couple of weeks until I was ready to use them, for a Mothers day picnic. Made on the Saturday afternoon, half of them didnt make it until Sunday! We agreed with a previous reviewer that these are especially nice with a dip, the children favoured mayo, but sweet chilli sauce and spicy mango sauce were also popular! I was glad that I made these, and would make them again for friends. Thanks, Lainey!

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Karen Elizabeth May 13, 2009

Made these to share at a park social we have each week, & although the group is small, there was a huge dent made in the bowl of balls I took! AN UNUSUAL & NICE TASTING FINGER FOOD, & I'm happy to keep your recipe on file for much future use! Thanks for sharing! I look forward to trying these with a variety of dips! [Tagged, made & reviewed in Gimme 5 tag]

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Sydney Mike July 02, 2009

I had left over mac n cheese so decided to give this fun looking recipe a try and it was great. Served with Honey mustard dipping sauce and that gave it an extra kick that we enjoyed. A different and fun appy that sure raised some interest in this house.

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Bonnie G #2 August 01, 2013

This recipe was recommened by Chef #719313. I used leftover Yummiest Ever Baked Mac and Cheese and followed the rest of this recipe as directed. This is quite a unique and novel recipe that was lots of fun to make. When asked "How do they taste?" all 4 replies were "It tastes like fried macaroni & cheese". Buddha felt it could have some sort of ketchup based sauce to kick it up a bit. I agree about a sauce, but not ketchup based. For me? Maybe some ranch dressing, or bleu cheese. Overall, great recipe. Thanks for sharing. :)

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2Bleu March 27, 2009

The kids gave this one a 10! We had lots of leftover mac and cheese, and instead of warming it up we fried it according to your recipe. Turned out great. The DD wants to have these for her next sleepover. Thanks for the recipe!

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TheGrumpyChef July 29, 2008

A-D-D-I-C-T-I-V-E! Needed some munchies for lazy Sunday TV watching so prepared them early this morning for snacking this afternoon. We all loved them! I'm only sorry I didn't make a full batch. Thank you for sharing what is sure to become a favorite in my family.

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Julie B's Hive March 09, 2008
Fried Macaroni and Cheese Balls