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This was EXCELLENT! I've been making chicken livers with a flour, salt, black pepper and curry powder coating for 15 years and this was a nice spice mix. The mustard curdled in the oil but mixed well once the onion was added. I used coconut milk in step 2. The ginger was left out of the instructions but I added it with the other spices in step 2. VERY TASTY and a KEEPER.

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Engrossed December 02, 2007

I need more stars to rate this! 5 seems to be a low score. What an awesome recipe, super quick and easy to make. Best lamb's liver I ever tasted. This recipe will definitely become a regular in our house. Served this with aromatic rice.

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jolenecaruana July 18, 2014

Just what I was looking for - a simply curry recipe to try with liver. I was very pleased with the spices and resulting flavor. I doubled the recipe to use 1lb of chicken and 1lb of beef liver that I had on hand. Also I added a little cornstarch to the liver in addition to the seasonings, and about 1/2 lb carrots and 1/2 lb potatoes. Served over Thai jasmine rice. Will certainly make this again, but next time I will mince the the liver next time - the kids were all clamoring for a bowl until one figured out the "beef and chicken curry" was "beef (liver) and chicken (liver) curry. :-)

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GuavaJelli October 29, 2013

BrianH- you never disappoint. Had a craving for liver ever since I found this recipe 4 days ago, so I made it tonight. Have just finished eating, and DH is still enjoying his. Very easy and different. It took me much longer to cook the liver through, but I think it is because I didn't slice the livers, I just put them in as is. I had a little more than 1 lb, so I adjusted the spices for it. Something makes the onions taste very sweet- maybe it is the mustard? Couldn't have been simpler. Thank you for sharing.

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MrsMM December 09, 2007
Fried Liver Curry ( Lamb, Pork or Chicken )