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See what happens when I go to the farmers market. I always have to buy something I've never had before. Then I get home & don't know what to do with it! First of all, I have to say I made the mistake of adding a piece of this bitter gourd to a stirfry. Yucko! Who knew you have to squeeze out the bad tasting juice! Anyway, I thought I would try this, since it's fried & that has to make anything better. It really did. I kind of liked it. In a wierd sort of way. It's like I had to keep eating & keep eating it & as long as I was eating it, it tasted good. But once I stopped - bam! that bitter hit you. I swear I salted & waited & squeezed! Perhaps I didn't do good enough, since I REALLY didn't know what I was doing. Thank you for the recipe! Without you I would never have learned what to do with this strange thing & I would probably still be on the kitchen floor - puckered into a bitter little ball. This was an adventure & I'm definately glad I did it!

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Feej August 09, 2007

I love this! My dad used to make it for me every summer (he and I were the only ones who liked it). They are quite strange, but they do have something really addictive to them. I have always liked very strong tasting food, and I would advise that if you are someone who tends to like things rather bland that this is NOT for you!

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zoe.s.true July 03, 2008
Fried Karela Chips (Bitter Gourd)