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I second Missy's "six star alert"! I served this on a bed of mixed lettuce leaves and herbs and it was a perfect side dish for a light spring lunch. I really have nothing to change, except to say you should definitely double the recipe. You'll want more!!

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Sackville April 05, 2003

SIX STAR ALERT!!! I have 2 kg of real Cypriot halloumi sitting in my fridge. I am tempted to use ALL of it on this recipe. This smells wonderful, tastes even better and has just the right combination of ingredients in the dressing. This is a recipe that makes capers, an ingredient I am not too fond of, taste good. Remember to check if the cheese is soaking in brine and be prepared to pop it in some fresh water to get rid of some of the salt. I recommend real Mediterranean cheese as I tried doing a similar recipe with some Australian halloumi and it began to melt on me. The real thing holds up to the frypan in a much more convincing way. Thanks for this great recipe.

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Missy Wombat April 04, 2003

Oh we loved this recipe!! the only thing that i did different was to dip the cheese peices in lemon before coating them with flour ( just to get get a crunchier coating!!)other than that I stuck with the recipe. thanks PetsRus for a fantastic recipe!! Poppy

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** Poppy ** April 07, 2003

If you find the dressing too tangy just add some more olive oil. It might depend on how much juice you get from the lime.

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Pets'R'us February 19, 2003

Yummy! I made this tonight with my dinner and really enjoyed it. Like other reviewers, I did not dip the halloumi in the flour (was out) but it fried up really well anyway. Other than that I made the recipe as stated, served it over salad greens and ate it up. One taste of the the gooey saltiness of fried halloumi and you'll be hooked! Thanks for posting such a tasty recipe - we enjoyed it.

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Garlic Chick November 18, 2010

Absolutely delicious - and so simple! Read through a few halloumi recipes before plumping for this one, and like several raters, I didn't bother coating the flour in cheese before frying (I've never found that it needed it). But it's amazing dressing that makes this meal. good: tangy, It's SOOOO good: tasty, sharp, savoury - I will definitely be making this one again. Also tried the dressing with some of the chicken my other half was having for dinner - and that worked great as well!

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SuperKat January 19, 2010

I made this last weekend using the recipe from Delia's book and just realized you had posted it, so I thought I would review it! We both really enjoyed this salad. I loved the tartness of the dressing. I used coriander as we both love it. It went very well with the capers. It was my first time eating Halloumi cheese and I really enjoyed it. Be sure to eat it warm as the cheese can be a but rubbery once cooled down. We had it on a bed of lettuce leaves and you are right it is just perfect for two people for a light lunch! Thanks for posting.

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MarieRynr July 10, 2006

Just tried out this salad at Pet's place and have to say I really loved it. The cheese had a lovely bite and combined beautifully with the dressing. I think coriander can be a bit overwelming in a lot of dishes, but in this dressing it isn't. This recipe goes directly to my cookbook, so I can make it myself.

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Flowerchick February 15, 2006

I made this tonight from Delia's book and when I saw the recipe had been posted here I thought I had better review it! I made it as a starter and didn't change anything except to leave the capers out for the kids, I added them for myself and DH. I told the youngest picky son (11y) that he could just have the halloumi with ketchup but he tried the dressing and loved it! It was really nice to have something 'different' which was also easy and fast to make, I know I'll be making this again, and am glad to see the recipe posted here.

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Nic August 18, 2005

Yum! I'm a beginner cook and manage to mess up most recipes but not this one!! I loved it! Only thing I changed was that I didn't have lime so used lemon and a splash of plain white vinegar. It's the first time I've had this cheese and it is so yummy. I want it for dinner again today!!!

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jessieng May 03, 2005
Fried Halloumi Salad