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I have never ever made Fried Green Tomatoes before -- until a "wild" tomato plant grew from a seed at our front door recently, just before winter struck. Unfortunately it flourished into winter, which is just too cold for tomatoes! So I harvested some of the large green tomatoes it bore, on a very cold rainy day ... Then I read through the recipes here, and this recipe sounded just right! And so it was!! Thank you, Stinkerbell, it is a great recipe! (A great reminder of a film I've watched twice -- "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Caf?"!!) The flour covering did not slip off, and the slices fried to a lovely golden brown!

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Zurie June 13, 2012

Yummy!! I had to find a way to use up tomatoes that got knocked down in a bad storm and this was perfect! I'm tempted to pick all of my green tomatoes and make this every week.

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cmdandgle August 30, 2009

This was our first time making green tomatoes at home. We have ordered them out a few times, but they have met with mixed reactions as a couple of people in the house don't like cornmeal. Needless to say, it was a real treat to find this recipe without it. The buttermilk/egg soak combined with the flour fried up to a very nice crisp crust, and the tanginess of the buttermilk went very well with the flavor the tomatoes. Thanks Stinkerbell for a real treat!

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394mm493 October 20, 2007

This technique of soaking the tomatoes in the buttermilk mixture yielded a moist inside & crispy outside treat. The breading was just right, not to too thin and not to thick. I liked the plainess of only seasoning with salt and pepper, no other spices were needed. I served them with ranch dressing as a dip and my DH raved about them. An excellent recipe for this time of year. I think I'll try the buttermilk mixture and this technique on the zucchinni my neighbor gave me from her garden!!

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OB Nurse June 28, 2004

Perfection. I don't have good luck with fried green tomatoes if the recipe calls for cornmeal, the coating always falls off during frying. But this was a success and delicious! Hubby liked his with some Tabasco sauce and I with only a sprinkle of salt and pepper. I could eat a whole plate of these and be very happy. Interesting use of the buttermilk for soaking. Too bad green tomatoes aren't available year round.

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COOKGIRl August 31, 2005
Fried Green Tomatoes