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I was going to post this recipe, but browzed to see if it already had been posted. It was:-( Anyway...I still want to comment on this, as the other two that commented had problems tieing the green onion. This is a really tasty way to prepare greenbeans. I didn't find it too time consuming. Athough that is a matter of perspective. I love spending time in the kitchen, so I didn't mind doing this. I did blanch my greenbeans just a tad because I prefer my beans slightly cooked and was afraid they wouldn't cook much in the oil since the breading will cook so fast. I also blanched the green onion tops AFTER I split them....lenghwise. I didn't have any problem tieing them together and staying together. I tied them into bundles in the morning and put them in the fridge until I was ready to use them that evening. They cook quick and still have a nice aldente' crunch to them. I served some Ranch dressing with them and it was wonderful. This was an accompaniment to my Chicken in Yogurt, Potato pie and Chocolate Mousse.

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L. Duch January 17, 2008

I have made these several times and I've always just halved the flour mixture and just coated each bean individually. Never had the patience to do the green onion tying!! However you decide to cook these, they are delicious!!

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BamaBelle30 April 19, 2007

This tasted great but was too problematic for us. We couldn't get the green onions to tie around the beans so we cooked them singly. There was too much of the flour mixture so lots went to waste. I used 2 Tbsp of the seasoning mix but it isn't too clear in the recipe. Sorry itjust didn't work for us.

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Ducky February 14, 2005
Fried Green Bean Bundles